Seven Loaves: Exclusive Hospitality Sponsor at Plano Race for the Cure

For the third year in a row, Seven Loaves donated food and catering services for the Plano Race for the Cure. This was our first year, however, to be the Exclusive Hospitality Sponsor for this massive event. We set up in four different locations and served over 1000 people!

Seven Loaves Catering Plano Race for the Cure We donated and served all the food and coffee in both the Survivor and VIP tents. Participants there enjoyed build-your-own omelets with cheese, bacon, turkey, sour cream, and homemade salsa. Along with fresh fruit, pastries, and muffins, we also offered build-your-own yogurt parfaits with blueberries, strawberries, and granola.

In addition to the VIP and Survivor tent catering, Seven Loaves provided coffee for roughly 400 event volunteers.

We participated in the race as well. Seven Loaves had a team of eight who ran in the 5K race. Half of our team was staff members and half were friends who were eager to support the cause.

Seven Loaves Catering Plano Race for the Cure











Plano Race for the Cure puts 100% of the net proceeds of the race toward their mission. Of the net income, 75% stays in our community to help fund local programs offering breast health education and breast cancer screening and treatment. The remaining 25% goes toward the Susan G. Komen Research and Training Grants program.

In addition to raising funds for the breast cancer movement, Race for the Cure also increases awareness, celebrates breast cancer survivors, and honors those who have lost their battle with the disease.

Breast cancer is way too common

  • 1 in 8 women in the U.S. will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime
  • In North Texas, 21 women are diagnosed with breast cancer and 3 women die every week
  • 1 woman in the U.S. dies from breast cancer every 13 minutes
  • At the current rate, 13 million breast cancer deaths will occur around the world in the next 25 years

Unfortunately, breast cancer knows no boundaries. It affects people of every age, gender, socio-economic status and location.

Seven Loaves Catering Race for the Cure

Seven Loaves Catering Plano Race for the Cure





Seven Loaves Catering Plano Race for the Cure Seven Loaves Catering Plano Race for the Cure

Giving Back

One of the benefits of our success at Seven Loaves is the ability to give back to our community. We were happy to have the opportunity to contribute again to the Plano Race for the Cure. It’s a great cause, and we think they do incredible work. We were glad to be a part of it!

Seven Loaves Catering Plano Race for the Cure




Seven Loaves Celebrates the Class of 2017

Seven Loaves Celebrates Seniors 2017

Graduation time for the Seniors of 2017 is here! Are you hosting a graduation event? Seven Loaves has some catering specials so you can relax and enjoy your party.

And we also have some suggestions for a common problem that graduation party hosts face.

How much food do I need to order?

How much food do you need? The difficulty in answering this important question is that people don’t seem to RSVP very well any more. Unfortunately, this can be even more common for graduation parties.

People will likely RSVP if they’ve recently had a party themselves, because they’ve just experienced first-hand how frustrating this is as a host. But many others won’t. How do you know how much food to get if you don’t have an accurate guest count?

We have a simple solution– over order a bit. If you over order the right way, you won’t get stuck with food you can’t use. At Seven Loaves, we can make this work for you because we offer graduation party food that holds well. A few of the menu items we offer for catering that keep really well are brisket, fajitas, or a taco bar.

If you over order a little, you’ll make sure you have enough food if a lot of people show up who didn’t RSVP. (That’s a good thing, right?)

And if you do end up having some food left, you’ll have some great leftovers. You may have company in town for graduation who you’ll need to feed after the big event. What’s easier than pulling out your party food?

Turn your leftovers into other delicious dishes

Best of all, many of our graduation offerings can be made into other delicious meals. For example, If you order brisket and have leftovers, you can make brisket tacos or brisket enchiladas. We’re going to share our favorite brisket taco recipe below.

Likewise, if you order fajitas and have some of those left, we have an easy, yummy fajita nacho recipe that we think you’ll love.

Brisket tacos

Our favorite brisket taco recipe is very simple, but delicious. You’ll be glad you have leftover brisket when you are enjoying these.

Brisket (already have this!)
Corn tortillas
Onion (yellow or white), chopped
Cilantro, chopped
Salsa Verde (tomatillo sauce)
Monterey jack cheese, shredded (optional)

Seven Loaves brisket tacos

You should be able to find this salsa verde at your regular grocery on the salsa aisle. It’s good!

Shred the leftover brisket meat with forks.
On a warm corn tortilla, put brisket meat, chopped onion, chopped cilantro, and the salsa verde.
Done and delicious!

If you are a person who can’t eat a taco without cheese, melt a little shredded monterey jack cheese on the corn tortilla under the broiler before putting the meat and other toppings on. (But we like ours without.)

Fajita Nachos

Seven Loaves fajita nachos

Leftover fajita veggie/meat mixture
Tortilla chips (if they’re leftover chips, this recipe will bring them new life!)
1/2 cup salsa
1/4 cup sour cream
1 cup (or more if you like) shredded cheese

Turn broiler on low.
Spread a layer of chips on a sheet pan with a rim.
Add a layer of leftover fajita mixture.
Spoon on salsa.
Sprinkle cheese on top.
Place under low broiler for about 5 minutes. Watch closely! Food can burn under a broiler very quickly.
Remove when cheese is melted and food is hot.
Add sour cream and enjoy!

If you have leftover guacamole or beans, these can make great additions to the fajita nachos. Add the beans before your fajita layer, and the guacamole after cooking.

Call us soon!

If you’re hosting a graduation party and want Seven Loaves to take care of the food, give us a call before June 15th. Take a look at our graduation specials here. We’ll help you decide how much you’ll probably need to order and deliver delicious, hot food right before your event. There’s no additional charge for local delivery! Then you can just relax and enjoy your party.

And congratulations on having a graduate! That’s a milestone worth celebrating!Seven Loaves graduation catering



Seven Loaves Serves the 18th Annual Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast

Seven Loaves had the opportunity to serve at an important community event on Wednesday, May 3, when we provided the meals and staff to feed all the participants of the 18th annual Mayors’ Prayer Breakfast.  This is our third year to cater this meaningful event.

Serving 450 people at 6:30 a.m. is no small feat, but Seven Loaves was ready and able, and it went off without a hitch. We served scrambled eggs, breakfast sausage, ham, biscuits and gravy, skillet potatoes, fresh cut fruit, and cinnamon rolls.

Attending the breakfast were community leaders from Lewisville, Flower Mound, and Highland Village including local law enforcement officials, LISD School Board members, Denton County Commissioners, Denton County Sherriff’s Department, local Fire Department officials, and numerous multi-denominational Christian leaders from around the community.

seven loaves mayor's prayer breakfast

The Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast is held each year in observance of the National Day of Prayer. This year’s keynote speaker was home run hero Darryl Strawberry and music was provided by local group Legacy Voices.

We were pleased to be able to again provide our food and services to this important, annual event.

Would your next event be better with this popular, new trend?

These days, whether you are hosting a corporate event, a personal celebration, or a wedding, more catering options are available than ever before.

Seven Loaves Catering stations


One of our favorite catering trends, growing in popularity, is the use of creative catering stations . Stations can best be described as mini-buffets placed throughout the venue. Each offers a different food theme and many times provides customizable toppings or ingredients to choose from.


Seven Loaves catering stations with waffles

You can see the appeal of stations at a morning corporate event. Instead of the regular buffet of scrambled eggs, bacon, and hash browns, you could offer your guests pancake, omelet, and waffle stations–complete with a wide variety of toppings. Seven Loaves has catered this corporate breakfast, and it’s always a great success.

You can also offer what is called an “action station.” Here, a chef mans the station and cooks something to the exact specifications and requests of your guests. (Think of the hotel omelet bar where you choose your ingredients and a chef cooks it for you.)


Seven Loaves Catering stations with quesadillas

We offered an action station at a corporate event we recently catered. It was a quesadilla station. Dishes of pork, chicken, beef, and lots of various toppings were provided. Then our chef cooked each individual quesadilla for the guests–they loved it!

How stations can improve your next event

Stations provide a lot of benefits, both for the host and the guests:

  • People enjoy stations and have fun building their own food items.
  • Stations allow people to mingle more easily. Instead of sitting at the same table throughout the event, people are able to move around and talk to others at different stations placed around the room. This set-up easily leads to more networking and interaction. And isn’t that one of the main purposes of a corporate event?
  • Stations reduce the long lines that you can find at buffets. When the crowd is heading to three, four, or more stations spread around the room, there won’t be one long buffet line. When you offer stations, the food is ready when your guests arrive and the lines are much shorter–if you even have any!
  • Leaving food stations open throughout your event allows your attendees to munch when they feel like it.
  • You don’t have to provide seating for everyone when offering stations serving. People can stand and nibble on their smaller stations plate, and then go get a different serving of something else. You can even provide tall tables for plates and drinks that people can stand around while eating, drinking, and visiting.
  • Although servings are smaller than a standard plated or buffet meal, stations allow you to offer a wider variety of food items.
  • With people’s dietary restrictions (vegetarian, gluten-free, etc.) becoming more and more prevalent, stations allow you to offer menu items to these guests.

Seven Loaves Extensive Stations Menu

Seven Loaves Catering stations

At Seven Loaves, we offer a broad variety of 31 different food stations for our catering customers. You can definitely find something for everyone! Take a look at the stations menus we offer here:

Our most popular catering stations lately have been our mashed potato mini bar, macaroni and cheese bar, pasta station, and southern biscuits and chicken station.

We’re getting hungry just thinking about them!



Excited for our new, bigger and better kitchen!

Seven Loaves ribbon cutting Lewisville Chamber of Commerce

Seven Loaves Catering Grand Opening

It’s official!

After five years of steadily outgrowing our commercial kitchen in Highland Village, Seven Loaves Catering & Events finally took the plunge and moved to a new space. And we think we’ve found the perfect spot.

Our new kitchen and office space is located at 1305 S. Hwy 121, Suite 400, in Lewisville. Besides giving us more room, this space allows us to hop on I-35 North or South, or Highway 121, in a matter of minutes. This will help us deliver hot, fresh food to venues all over the metroplex.

Our Grand Opening was Thursday, April 13th, and it couldn’t have been a better morning.

Seven Loaves ribbon cutting Lewisville Chamber of CommerceSeven Loaves ribbon cutting Flower Mound Chamber of Commerce

Seven Loaves Grand Opening Argyle Chamber of Commerce

Seven Loaves Catering ribbon cutting Metrocrest Chamber of Commerce

We were honored to be joined by the Lewisville Chamber of Commerce, Flower Mound Chamber, Argyle Chamber, Metrocrest Chamber, and Highland Village Business Association to celebrate our new space. We truly appreciate the support from all of them.

New Space = More Happy Customers

Seven Loaves Catering staff

By moving to our new location, we’re now working in a kitchen that’s five times the space of our old one! We had become way too crowded in recent years, but now we have plenty of room for all of our staff to work. This new space allows us to take on more work. Now we won’t have to turn away events on high volume weekends which is something we hated doing before. More work capacity means more happy customers—and we love that!

Seven Loaves Catering Grand OpeningSeven Loaves Catering Grand Opening


.Seven Loaves Catering Grand OpeningSeven Loaves Catering Grand Opening






Seven Loaves Catering Grand OpeningSeven Loaves Catering Grand Opening

We want to sincerely thank all of the local businesses, and our customers  and friends who came out to help us celebrate our Grand Opening. We appreciate your support and look forward to continue serving your corporate and personal events in the future.

Can you tell we’re excited about our new place? We are, and we’re thrilled to already be using our new kitchen. We’re eager to start this new chapter for Seven Loaves and look forward to serving lots of fabulous food for events around the DFW area for years to come!

Seven Loaves Catering Jenny Layne Bakery


Our Picks: The Best Wedding Vendors and Venues in DFW

When you’ve catered as many weddings as Seven Loaves has, you gain a lot of experience working with other wedding vendors (DJ’s, bakeries, florists, venues, etc.). Having this experience allows us an insider’s view of which businesses deliver consistent high-quality products time after time.

We want to share with you the local bakery, DJ, florist and venues that we’ve seen consistently provide excellent products and services.

If you are looking for any of the following businesses for your upcoming wedding, we highly recommend you give these resources a look:

DJ and Lighting:

Discovery DJ and Lighting, owner Jim Weisz

“Planning a wedding is no easy task, but as your DJ & master of ceremonies, Jim will do everything possible to bring to life the wedding reception you’ve envisioned since you started planning your wedding. Since Jim only provides his services for weddings, he focuses his training and education on how to make great wedding receptions.”– Discovery DJ and Lighting


The Jenny Layne Bakery, Flower Mound


“We take pride in creating and customizing a wedding cake that is uniquely you. We specialize in beautiful buttercream cakes as well as fondant covered cakes. With a multitude of flavors, you will be able to help create and design your own memorable and delicious wedding and groom’s cake.” — Jenny Layne Bakery


We + You, Lewisville


“We+You is a wedding design house specializing in floral + event styling. Our design approach is artful and considerate, with an emphasis on quality and detail. By taking cues from the old, the new, the natural, and the modern, we combine our experience and talent to create your occasion.” — We + You


All of the following venues meet the exceptional quality that we require for our wedding parties. At each of these venues, Seven Loaves Catering is either an exclusive, preferred, or approved caterer.

Lone Star Lodge at Pilot Point

Rustic Grace Estates in Van Alstyne



A & M Gardens in Azle



THE SPRINGS: Denton in Aubrey



THE SPRINGS: McKinney in Anna




THE SPRINGS: Rockwall in Terrell



THE SPRINGS: Weatherford




MCL Grand Theater in Lewisville


Classic Oaks Ranch in Mansfield




Diamond H3 Ranch in Weatherford




Stone Crest Venue in McKinney



Stonegate Mansion in Ft. Worth



The Grove in Aubrey



Chandler’s Garden in Celina



The Orchard in Azle



There you have it—our recommendations for some of the other wedding services you’ll need (besides a fantastic caterer!) And if you are still looking for a caterer in the DFW area, by all means—please consider Seven Loaves. We recently wrote a blog post on what to look for in a wedding caterer, and you can read that advice here.

For all your other wedding products and services, we highly recommend you check out the websites we’ve listed and take some time to view their photo galleries.

You can’t go wrong with any of these preferred vendors!




Not sure how much food you need for party guests? We can help! (Plus: Our favorite chili recipe)

Seven Loaves partiesHaving some friends and neighbors over to watch the game, to celebrate a birthday, or just to get together is always fun– and it doesn’t have to be hard!

But a lot of people stress about how much food to get for these occasions. You don’t want too many leftovers, but even worse, you don’t want to run out of food mid-party! We can help you with this.

Seven Loaves Party Platters

Of course, if you want to keep it really simple, Seven Loaves can provide delicious, made-to-order platters that are ready to serve. You tell us how many guests you expect and we can take it from there.

seven loaves antipasto platter


We have antipasto platters with genoa salami, prosciutto, ham, pepperoni, olives and cheeses, served w/ flatbread and crackers. These platters start at $65 each serving up to 20 people.



Seven Loaves vegetable platter
We also offer vegetable platters with freshly cut carrots, celery, broccoli, sugar snap peas, grape tomatoes, cucumber, and jicama. These are served with Asiago Peppercorn Ranch and garnished with carved radish flowers. Starting at $35, this sized platter serves up to 15.


seven loaves cheese board


If you want a cheese platter, we have one offering domestic and imported cheeses served with assorted crackers and fresh fruit garnish. These start at $100, serving up to 25 at this size.


We have many other appetizers, platters and dips available for your gatherings. Check them out here and see if you’d like for us to provide the platters for your next party!

seven loaves platters
Tenderloin display
seven loaves fruit tray
Fruit display
Seven Loaves salmon display
Salmon display

Do-It-Yourself party? Seven Loaves Tips…

When you want to take care of it yourself though, we can help you there too.

One of the hardest things about hosting a get-together is figuring out how much food to get. We’ve had years of experience with this, and want to share what we’ve learned.

With a reminder that 16 ounces equal 1 pound, here are our recommendations on how much food you’ll need for your next get-together:

We recommend about 4 ounces (or 1/4 pound) per guest when serving deli meat. When serving a sandwich, 4 oz. is generally about 6-7 slices.

When serving cheese, we recommend that you make the ratio of meat to cheese about four parts meat to one part cheese. (Each pound of meat = 1/4 pound cheese)

We suggest 1 ounce  of crackers per guest

Chips and dips:
Chips: 1 ounce per person
Dips: 2 ounces per person (volume)

Vegetable platters:
4 oz. of vegetables per person
Favorite options: celery, broccoli, sugar snap peas, grape tomatoes, jicama, carrots, and cucumbers
Dressing: 1 to 1 1/2 ounces per person (volume)

That should cover you on meat and cheese platters, chips and dips, and vegetable platters.

But you also can’t go wrong with a big pot of chili for your group! If you decide to go that route, here’s our favorite chili recipe:

Seven Loaves chili

Seven Loaves Chili

Serves 10

2 1/3 pounds of ground beef
1 tablespoon olive oil
2 red onions, sliced
5 fresh jalepeno peppers, sliced and seeded
8 garlic cloves, whole, peeled
1/4 cup chili powder
2 tablespoons ground cumin
1 (28 oz) can crushed tomatoes
1/2 pound dry pinto beans
14 oz. beef broth

Optional toppings:
Green onions, sliced
Sour cream
Shredded cheddar cheese
Fritos corn chips

1) Heat oil in heavy large pot over medium-high heat. Add onions and saute until browned, about 6 minutes.
2) Add jalepenos and garlic, saute 1 minute
3) Add ground beef, and cook until brown, about 5 minutes
4) Add chili powder, cumin, and paprika. Then add tomatoes (with juice), beans and broth. Bring to a boil.
5) Reduce heat and simmer until chili thickens and flavors blend, stirring occasionally, about 45 minutes.
6) Skim any fat from surface of chili

Ladle chili into bowls and add optional toppings, if desired.