Seven Loaves Celebrates the Class of 2017

Seven Loaves Celebrates Seniors 2017

Graduation time for the Seniors of 2017 is here! Are you hosting a graduation event? Seven Loaves has some catering specials so you can relax and enjoy your party.

And we also have some suggestions for a common problem that graduation party hosts face.

How much food do I need to order?

How much food do you need? The difficulty in answering this important question is that people don’t seem to RSVP very well any more. Unfortunately, this can be even more common for graduation parties.

People will likely RSVP if they’ve recently had a party themselves, because they’ve just experienced first-hand how frustrating this is as a host. But many others won’t. How do you know how much food to get if you don’t have an accurate guest count?

We have a simple solution– over order a bit. If you over order the right way, you won’t get stuck with food you can’t use. At Seven Loaves, we can make this work for you because we offer graduation party food that holds well. A few of the menu items we offer for catering that keep really well are brisket, fajitas, or a taco bar.

If you over order a little, you’ll make sure you have enough food if a lot of people show up who didn’t RSVP. (That’s a good thing, right?)

And if you do end up having some food left, you’ll have some great leftovers. You may have company in town for graduation who you’ll need to feed after the big event. What’s easier than pulling out your party food?

Turn your leftovers into other delicious dishes

Best of all, many of our graduation offerings can be made into other delicious meals. For example, If you order brisket and have leftovers, you can make brisket tacos or brisket enchiladas. We’re going to share our favorite brisket taco recipe below.

Likewise, if you order fajitas and have some of those left, we have an easy, yummy fajita nacho recipe that we think you’ll love.

Brisket tacos

Our favorite brisket taco recipe is very simple, but delicious. You’ll be glad you have leftover brisket when you are enjoying these.

Brisket (already have this!)
Corn tortillas
Onion (yellow or white), chopped
Cilantro, chopped
Salsa Verde (tomatillo sauce)
Monterey jack cheese, shredded (optional)

Seven Loaves brisket tacos

You should be able to find this salsa verde at your regular grocery on the salsa aisle. It’s good!

Shred the leftover brisket meat with forks.
On a warm corn tortilla, put brisket meat, chopped onion, chopped cilantro, and the salsa verde.
Done and delicious!

If you are a person who can’t eat a taco without cheese, melt a little shredded monterey jack cheese on the corn tortilla under the broiler before putting the meat and other toppings on. (But we like ours without.)

Fajita Nachos

Seven Loaves fajita nachos

Leftover fajita veggie/meat mixture
Tortilla chips (if they’re leftover chips, this recipe will bring them new life!)
1/2 cup salsa
1/4 cup sour cream
1 cup (or more if you like) shredded cheese

Turn broiler on low.
Spread a layer of chips on a sheet pan with a rim.
Add a layer of leftover fajita mixture.
Spoon on salsa.
Sprinkle cheese on top.
Place under low broiler for about 5 minutes. Watch closely! Food can burn under a broiler very quickly.
Remove when cheese is melted and food is hot.
Add sour cream and enjoy!

If you have leftover guacamole or beans, these can make great additions to the fajita nachos. Add the beans before your fajita layer, and the guacamole after cooking.

Call us soon!

If you’re hosting a graduation party and want Seven Loaves to take care of the food, give us a call before June 15th. Take a look at our graduation specials here. We’ll help you decide how much you’ll probably need to order and deliver delicious, hot food right before your event. There’s no additional charge for local delivery! Then you can just relax and enjoy your party.

And congratulations on having a graduate! That’s a milestone worth celebrating!Seven Loaves graduation catering