Would your next event be better with this popular, new trend?

These days, whether you are hosting a corporate event, a personal celebration, or a wedding, more catering options are available than ever before.

Seven Loaves Catering stations


One of our favorite catering trends, growing in popularity, is the use of creative catering stations . Stations can best be described as mini-buffets placed throughout the venue. Each offers a different food theme and many times provides customizable toppings or ingredients to choose from.


Seven Loaves catering stations with waffles

You can see the appeal of stations at a morning corporate event. Instead of the regular buffet of scrambled eggs, bacon, and hash browns, you could offer your guests pancake, omelet, and waffle stations–complete with a wide variety of toppings. Seven Loaves has catered this corporate breakfast, and it’s always a great success.

You can also offer what is called an “action station.” Here, a chef mans the station and cooks something to the exact specifications and requests of your guests. (Think of the hotel omelet bar where you choose your ingredients and a chef cooks it for you.)


Seven Loaves Catering stations with quesadillas

We offered an action station at a corporate event we recently catered. It was a quesadilla station. Dishes of pork, chicken, beef, and lots of various toppings were provided. Then our chef cooked each individual quesadilla for the guests–they loved it!

How stations can improve your next event

Stations provide a lot of benefits, both for the host and the guests:

  • People enjoy stations and have fun building their own food items.
  • Stations allow people to mingle more easily. Instead of sitting at the same table throughout the event, people are able to move around and talk to others at different stations placed around the room. This set-up easily leads to more networking and interaction. And isn’t that one of the main purposes of a corporate event?
  • Stations reduce the long lines that you can find at buffets. When the crowd is heading to three, four, or more stations spread around the room, there won’t be one long buffet line. When you offer stations, the food is ready when your guests arrive and the lines are much shorter–if you even have any!
  • Leaving food stations open throughout your event allows your attendees to munch when they feel like it.
  • You don’t have to provide seating for everyone when offering stations serving. People can stand and nibble on their smaller stations plate, and then go get a different serving of something else. You can even provide tall tables for plates and drinks that people can stand around while eating, drinking, and visiting.
  • Although servings are smaller than a standard plated or buffet meal, stations allow you to offer a wider variety of food items.
  • With people’s dietary restrictions (vegetarian, gluten-free, etc.) becoming more and more prevalent, stations allow you to offer menu items to these guests.

Seven Loaves Extensive Stations Menu

Seven Loaves Catering stations

At Seven Loaves, we offer a broad variety of 31 different food stations for our catering customers. You can definitely find something for everyone! Take a look at the stations menus we offer here:

Our most popular catering stations lately have been our mashed potato mini bar, macaroni and cheese bar, pasta station, and southern biscuits and chicken station.

We’re getting hungry just thinking about them!