Welcome to our new Seven Loaves Catering & Events Blog

The Smithwicks have always been a family that plays together and works together.

Smithwick family works together

When Phillip launched Seven Loaves Catering and Events, he knew it would be a family business. His wife, Leslie, has been involved in the operations since the beginning. Their oldest daughter, Haley, now works full-time for Seven Loaves as the Catering Manager. Another daughter is off the payroll (at least for now) while attending college out of state, but the three other Smithwick kids all currently help out as servers. And after showing an interest in learning to cook new things, their youngest son sometimes even helps Phillip with the cooking.

“I really enjoy working for my parents,” Haley says. “Although at times it may be difficult, I wouldn’t change it for anything. I love working together to expand the business, and I couldn’t have any other bosses who understand me better.”

“I’ve been working with my dad since I was 12 years old. It used to be just the two of us, and here I am now—almost ten years later—managing the business and helping it grow.”

The Beginning of Seven Loaves

Phillip and Leslie started catering in 2001. While catering part-time, Phillip continued to work as an Executive Chef in various positions at a country club, a catering company, and a start-up restaurant. He also served as a private chef in Highland Park. Then in January of 2011, he left his chef jobs behind to run Seven Loaves full time and, as the saying goes—he’s never looked back.

Seven Loaves Loves Our Community

One of the most satisfying things for us at Seven Loaves is to be able to contribute to the charitable giving of many strong philanthropic organizations in our area. It’s important for us to give back to the community where we’ve raised our family, and have received so much loyal support for our business.

We had the opportunity to donate to a wonderful event last week. Seven Loaves was proud to serve the participants of Cloud Nine Charities annual Giving and Golf Tournament on Monday, November 7, at the beautiful Lantana Golf Course.

Seven Loaves catered Cloud 9 Charities golf event

Seven Loaves staff at Cloud 9 Charities Golf EventAfter a rainy but good day of golf, Seven Loaves donated the food and staff to serve all 144 participants. We prepared our famous brisket tacos and Mexican Street corn, which one golfer told a staff member was “high class.” We’ll call that a success!

Proceeds from the tournament went to the Doug Smith Memorial Foundation and various charities that Cloud 9 Charities supports. These are organizations, mostly in Denton County, that support children, seniors, the abused, and the homeless. We were glad to be a part of it.

Come back soon!

We hope you’ll visit our new blog frequently.

We plan to provide tips for planning fabulous wedding receptions, highlight some of the charitable work going on in our community, and share our insights on how to make sure that your big celebrations are enjoyed by all. We may even give out a favorite recipe every now and then!

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